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CSAT : Interpersonal skills Decision making NCERT Psychology in Hindi English Both


Interpersonal skills including communication skills

Decision making and problem-solvingNCERT Psychology

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for the purpose of these two topics we need NCERT Psychology
books to understand the basic of interpersonal skills including communication skills, decision making and problem-solving
To Download all the books of NCERT Class 11 And Class 12 Psychology
from this blog
for these two topics follow the pages 188 and 173

Download NECRT Psychology Class 11 in English
Download NECRT Psychology Class 12 in English

 इन दो विषयों के उद्देश्य के लिए हमें एनसीईआरटी मनोविज्ञान की आवश्यकता है

संचार कौशल, निर्णय लेने और समस्या सुलझाने सहित पारस्परिक कौशल के मूल को समझने के लिए किताबें

एनसीईआरटी कक्षा 11 और कक्षा 12 मनोविज्ञान की सभी पुस्तकों को डाउनलोड करने के लिए

इस ब्लॉग से

इन दो विषयों के लिए पेज 188 और 173 का पालन करें

Download NECRT Psychology Class 11 in Hindi

Download NECRT Psychology Class 12 in Hindi

After reading this chapter, you would be able to:
  • understand the need to develop skills among psychologists,
  • describe the basic aspects of observational skills,
  • know the significance of developing communication skills,
  • understand the importance of psychological testing skills in individual assessment, and
  • explain the nature and process of counseling.
  • Developing as an Effective Psychologist
  • General Skills
  • Intellectual and Personal Skills; Sensitivity to Diversity :
  • Individual and Cultural Differences (Box 9.1)
  • Observational Skills
  • Specific Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Characteristics of Communication (Box 9.2)
  • Some Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills (Box 9.3)
  • Psychological Testing Skills
  • Essentials of Psychological Assessment Skills (Box 9.4)
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Types of Interview Questions (Box 9.5)
  • Counseling Skills
  • describe the nature of thinking and reasoning,
  • demonstrate an understanding of some cognitive processes involved in problem-solving and decision-making,
  • understand the nature and process of creative thinking and learn the way of enhancing it,
  • understand the relationship between language and thought, and
  • describe the process of language development and its use.

Download PDF for Interpersonal skills including communication skills in English

Download PDF for Interpersonal skills including communication skills in Hindi


Download PDF of Decision making and problem-solving in English

Download PDF of Decision making and problem-solving in Hindi

Psychology has two kinds of application-related images: first, as a

service-oriented discipline and second, as a scientific method-driven research

discipline. Both of these are interrelated and inseparable. It would be

important to learn that there are certain factors which contribute to making

psychology application-oriented. First, psychologists have found, both in

the past and present, that solution to many problems faced by the

individuals, groups, organizations and societies require an understanding

of psychological principles. As problems encountered by individuals as well

as societies have become more evident and acute, psychologists have

responded with concrete solutions. For instance, a rapid increase in depressive

tendencies and suicidal rates among adolescents is one such area, where

psychological knowledge dedicated to the issues of adolescent development

is utilized for getting a clearer understanding of the occurrence of these

phenomena and certain intervention models are developed to assist the

youth experiencing such problems early in their lives. The other reason is

that expertise of psychologists has been highly valued in the marketplace.

Over the past few years, there is a growing acceptability and demand for

psychology as a profession. Various sections of society have developed a

keen interest towards integrating the knowledge of psychology within their

core activities. It can be seen particularly in the army or in the field of

education, where in some states it has become mandatory for the schools

to have a trained counselor, in the field of management, which seeks help

of psychologists to combat problems related to recruitment and assessment,

employee behavior, workplace stress, etc., in the management of health-related

problems and more recently even in sports. These are not the only areas.

Almost all areas of life are calling for help from psychologists.

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